Digital Marketing Specialist Joins the Worth Clark Realty Team!

Dated: March 27 2020

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Jennifer Notz - Digital Marketing Specialist at Worth Clark Realty!

We’re very excited to introduce the newest addition to our Worth Clark Realty team! Meet Jennifer Notz- our Digital Marketing Specialist. Her background in brand management, real estate, customer service, and social media marketing will greatly accent WCR’s growing online presence. Jennifer lives in St. Peters, Missouri with her hubby, Joshua, their three pups (Loki, Thor, and LeFou), and a soon-to-arrive little one (due date this August). We sat down with this ambitious creative to get her take on the why she joined WCR, the current social scene, and her top marketing tips for real estate professionals.


Q. What initially attracted you to WCR?

A. Their growth and solid value-offering. Consistently on Inc. Magazine’s list for fastest growing companies- WCR is changing the brokerage game and I wanted to be part of that success. Additionally, they’re offering agents substantially more than other brokerages. As a conscious professional, I’m keen on knowing that I’m providing true value to my community. 

Q. You’ve worked with real estate brokerages before, how does WCR compare? What are the most significant differences?

A. WCR is so far ahead of the game, it’s hard to compare! In the past, I’ve worked for top-heavy, big-box brokerage firms that prioritized long meetings, seminars (where people only came for the food), and stock-image marketing styles. While at WCR, everything is much more thoughtful! From the digital work structure to the agent support, WCR understands what the MODERN professional needs to succeed. I think this is why their growth is far outpacing the traditional real-estate brokerage models. 

Q. Favorite moment so far at WCR?

B. Making a TP tower for social media.

Q. What advice would you give to someone considering joining WCR as a Realtor®?

A. Do your research. A lot of agents that transfer to us thought they were getting the best deal… They didn’t realize that they could have EVERYTHING they need and be making WAY more - all without an expensive/restrictive corporate structure.

A. As a social media marketing professional what top tip do you offer for leveraging social media?

B. Know the platforms that produce your ROI and be excited to invest where it counts. There is still amazing space on social media to make an impact and I see way too many companies throttle their potential growth through a lack of investment.  

A. What social media platforms do you think real estate agents need to prioritize?

B. A mix is advisable but quality supersedes quantity.  Consider your target audience and your capabilities. For example, if you have a younger market, love to take photos or videos, and hate writing copy IG, SnapChat, and TikTok make sense. However, if your forte is strong copy- consider blogging, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn. 

A. What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? 

A. Personally, our home (complete overhaul of EVERYTHING). It’s a lot of fun as my family is so helpful but the projects can be a bit intimidating at times.  Professionally, I’m pumped to help agents gain better commission splits at WCR! We did the math and the average agent makes an additional 20k+ at WCR… with an uncertain economy, agents NEED to know about this opportunity. 

Q. What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

A. I love that my (and other) grandparents are on social media! They are so honest and funny- I thoroughly enjoy watching different generations interact. 

A. Ok, on a serious note ;) who is your LEAST favorite Superhero?

B. Superman… I feel like he's the kind of person who would stop you mid-sentence to correct your grammar. 

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